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I used to REALLY Love your videos, they were so good..but since you started to show how much you like singing I've liked you less& less. It's just cringey, your not good and you doing all these voice lessons and performances is so frustrating. I get that you like it, and that's so cool, but you force it onto the fans... I watched your channel to see funny videos now I've stopped... My friends and I sold our O2L tour tickets because you will probs be singing.. So many others feel this way aswell


this honestly really upsets me.

im not FORCING anyone to pay any attention to my singing. yes i still mainly make “comedic” videos on my channel. i have about 140 videos on my channel and literally only THREE are of me singing. yes i am pursuing singing but it is still only something on the side. my regular youtube videos is still my main content i put out. on average i may put up one singing video once every 2 or 3 months. so thats 1 singing video out of about every 12. so if you or any other people dont like my singing then just dont watch those videos? I’m not forcing you, and i still mainly make my regular videos.

i’m all about trying new things, i never want to stick with the same content over and over because that would become boring and repetitive. I’m definitely still gonna always make my traditional videos where its just me talking but i dont ONLY want to do that, i want to start branching out more IN ADDITION to those. yes I’m starting music, i also want to start making more “Acting” style videos where i do quick skits, i want to get back into more public prank/dare videos as well. and much more.

my point is, i like to have a variety of video styles on my channel, i dont expect EVERY viewer to like EVERY type of video i make, and thats fine. first and foremost i make videos for MYSELF, obviously its important to make content that my audience enjoys, but i literally make videos that i enjoy doing. music is something I’ve been around my whole life, i was in band playing trumpet for 10 years. singing is something that ive always secretly loved and always wanted to try, and ive finally recently had the confidence to put myself out there and give it a shot. of course not everyone will like it, by no means did i expect everyone to. there are incredible artists and musicians out there that aren’t even liked by everyone, so it doesnt shock me at all that some people dont like my singing.

this is getting long, my point is i dont really get your point in telling me that, I’m still gonna do what i love to do, if theres something you or another viewer dont like, then simply dont watch it, its fine with me. at the end of the day however, I’m very fortunate enough and blessed to say that i do have quite a lot of people who will support anything i make and anything i do and I’m forever grateful for that, i can’t ever thank them enough.

as for me doing voice lessons, how is that frustrating? I’m obviously not the best at singing ill be the first person to admit that. I’m still extremely new to this and i have A LOT to learn and A LOT to improve on. if I’m going to be pursing music on the side i want to be the best i can be and learn all i can, so of course I’m taking lessons, sorry that makes you mad…?

last thing. besides my collab with tyler oakley, my 3 most liked videos are my 2 covers and my music video to ordinary. (I’m by no means trying to sound cocky or arrogant when i say this) but soooo that DOES show that a lot of my viewers are actually liking it, which is just positive feedback and reinforcement.

ok I’m done lol i ended up saying way more than i meant to. honestly I’m truly sorry you dont enjoy my music, because it is something that i enjoy doing. and I’m sad you felt the need to actually sell your tickets bc the show is very diverse and fun, its much more than just me singing for 5 minutes. i look forward to seeing and meeting you guys. but its your decision.

much love <3


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Troyler kissed.

Troyler kissed.



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